February's Theme is KINDNESS!

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 12:52pm

 From the Bully Busters!

February's theme is KINDNESS! During counseling lessons, kindergarten students will read Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  Students will learn how they can show respect, make responsible choices, and how to care about one another.  Students will learn that everyone carries around an invisible bucket and to fill someone’s bucket we need to say and do kind things. First graders read Heartprints and created their own impressions left behind by a deliberate act of kindness to be shared on the “Great Wall of Kindness” around the media center. Second grade classes created an alphabet kindness book. Third grade students watched 20 Things You Should Say More Often by Kid President and practiced writing compliments for one another. Fourth graders watched a Kindness Boomerang clip and then practiced giving verbal compliments to their classmates. And lastly, 5th graders will listen to the story Dare which is a part of the Weird Series.  Students will be able to recognize when they see someone being bullied. Students will prepare and perform a Kindness Rap that will identify ways to be kind and to spread kindness around whenever possible.  


Help us celebrate with our 2nd annual Kindness Spirit Week next week!


We are dedicating each week to a special theme to learn and celebrate all the different ways we can be great friends to one another! We have lots of fun and exciting activities planned for our students and staff, and we cannot wait to see Fulton Elementary School light up with kindness!


Monday, February 12th to Thursday, February 15th – Kindness SPIRIT Week!

Tuesday, February 20th to Friday, February 23rd – You’ve Got a Friend in Me Week!

Monday, February 26th to Friday March 2nd – Everyone Matters Week!

With kindness,

The Bully Busters!

Kindness Week