About Us

Ms. Lewandowski

Ms. Lewandowski Principal Sharon_Lewandowski@hcpss.org
Ms. Lewandowski has been Principal of Fulton Elementary School since July 2014. Prior to that she was the Assistant Principal at Bollman Bridge Elementary and at Stevens Forest Elementary. In addition, Ms. Lewandowski has many years of K-5 experience, with specific concentrations in both literacy and mathematics.

Dr. Burks

Dr. Burks Assistant Principal Tanisha_Burks@hcpss.org
Dr. Burks is very excited to be joining the Fulton Elementary School administrative team this school year. She began her teaching career with Alexandria City Public Schools in Alexandria, Virginia where she served as a special education teacher, Response to Intervention Coordinator, and Special Education Literacy Coach. In addition, she served as an assistant principal for the past four years at Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology also in Alexandria, VA. She looks forward to serving the students, staff, and community of Fulton Elementary.

Ms. Caroland

Ms. Caroland Assistant Principal Molly_Caroland@hcpss.org
It is a true gift that I am able to return this school year as one of Fulton Elementary's Assistant Principals. My passion for education, as well as supporting the success of all students, has been shaped by my experiences as a classroom teacher across all grade levels, and as a Math Support Teacher. I feel very strongly about education and look forward to joining with you to provide our students with a rigorous, engaging and high-quality elementary school experience. As a parent of two daughters, I recognize the significance of a strong home-school connection. Parents are every child’s first teacher, and I believe that by working together we can make certain your child’s social, emotional and academic needs are met. Children flourish when they have a person who genuinely invests in them, and is fair in decision-making. These two things are extremely important to me. If you ever have a concern regarding a specific situation or procedure please do not hesitate to contact me.

School Overview


The mission of Fulton Elementary is to ensure academic success and social-emotional well-being for each student in an inclusive and nurturing environment that closes the opportunity gap.


Every student and staff member embraces diversity and possesses the skills, knowledge and confidence to positively influence the larger community.


    We believe in...

    • Achieving excellence in all we do
    • Developing each student's unique gifts
    • Engaging students in relevant, experiential, and personalized learning
    • Cultivating creative problem solving, critical thinking, and innovation
    • Promoting integrity, civility, and global citizenship
    • Enriching learning by honoring our diversity
    • Fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and shared responsibility
    • Removing barriers to success


    Goal 1: Students

    Every student achieves academic excellence in an inspiring, engaging, and supportive environment.

    Goal 2: Staff

    Every staff member is engaged, supported, and successful.

    Goal 3: Families and the Community

    Families and the community are engaged and supported as partners in education.

    Goal 4: Organization

    Schools are supported by world-class organizational practices.


    At Fulton Elementary School we are committed to providing a strong foundation comprised of academic, interpersonal, and technological skills that will enable all students to be college and career ready. Additionally, we have a commitment to create a culture where healthy eating and physical activity are the norm and not the exception. We are proud to be recognized as a Howard County Healthy School, which recognizes schools that have displayed extraordinary commitment in the areas of nutrition and physical activity. Another program we are pleased to participate in is Maryland's Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Initiative PBIS.


    2016-2017 Fulton Elementary received GOLD status for PBIS. The third and highest level of PBIS Maryland recognition is the PBIS Maryland Gold Recognition Award and is only be awarded to those schools that are demonstrating sustainability for the systems, practices, and data utilization for school-wide PBIS and can demonstrate that their implementation has had positive effects on both their discipline and achievement data for at least two years.

    PBIS Gold


    Report Bullying:

    We recognize that creating a safe learning environment is a critical part of helping each child achieve academic success. Incidences of bullying may be reported using the printable form available on the HCPSS website or through HCPSS Sprigeo, an online reporting system.


    Motto: "Where the Future Begins"

    Mascot: Freddie Falcon

    School Profile: Fulton Elementary School
    Fast facts about Fulton ES listing special programs, total enrollment, accomplishments and more.

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    Community Superintendent

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    Community Superintendent Area 1: Marcy Leonard

    Board of Education Representative

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    FES BOE Representative: Bess Altwerger, Ed.D.