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Ms. Lewandowski

Ms. Lewandowski Principal Sharon_Lewandowski@hcpss.org
Ms. Lewandowski has been Principal of Fulton Elementary School since July 2014. Prior to that she was the Assistant Principal at Bollman Bridge Elementary and at Stevens Forest Elementary. In addition, Ms. Lewandowski has many years of K-5 experience, with specific concentrations in both literacy and mathematics.

Dr. Burks

Dr. Burks Assistant Principal Tanisha_Burks@hcpss.org
Hello and welcome to Fulton Elementary School! I am so excited to begin my second year as a Fulton Falcon. I have been in education for 13 years; serving the majority of my time with Alexandria City Public Schools. There, I was an assistant principal, Response to Intervention Coordinator, Special Education Literacy Coach and Special Education teacher. For the 2018-2019 school year, I hope to continue building relationships with our students and families as well as providing a rigorous education to every student who walks into FES. When I am not at Fulton, I am busy spending time with my husband, our twins, and our chocolate labrador retriever. Whenever you are in the building, please stop by and introduce yourself!

Ms. Caroland

Ms. Caroland Assistant Principal Molly_Caroland@hcpss.org
It is a true gift that I am able to return this school year as one of Fulton Elementary's Assistant Principals. My passion for education, as well as supporting the success of all students, has been shaped by my experiences as a classroom teacher across all grade levels, and as a Math Support Teacher. I feel very strongly about education and look forward to joining with you to provide our students with a rigorous, engaging and high-quality elementary school experience. As a parent of two daughters, I recognize the significance of a strong home-school connection. Parents are every child’s first teacher, and I believe that by working together we can make certain your child’s social, emotional and academic needs are met. Children flourish when they have a person who genuinely invests in them, and is fair in decision-making. These two things are extremely important to me. If you ever have a concern regarding a specific situation or procedure please do not hesitate to contact me.

School Overview


The Fulton Elementary School community will implement innovative strategies that inspire individuality, while creating a respectful, inclusive, and diverse learning environment that facilitates and empowers academic achievement and well-being.


All stakeholders will be empowered to value diversity, nurture positive relationships and achieve individualized success in order to contribute to our global community.

Our Motto

Fulton's Motto


Mascot: Freddie Falcon

Report Bullying:

We recognize that creating a safe learning environment is a critical part of helping each child achieve academic success. Incidences of bullying may be reported using the printable form available on the HCPSS website or through HCPSS Sprigeo, an online reporting system.

School Profile: Fulton Elementary School
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Community Superintendent

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Community Superintendent Area 1: Marcy Leonard

Board of Education Representative

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FES BOE Representative: Kirsten Coombs