Family File

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 3:27pm

Family File is replacing the Emergency Procedure Card and can be found by logging in to HCPSS Connect. In the Family File section parents will find all of the information historically located on the Emergency Procedure Cards such as contact information, medical considerations, and preferences. Parents will use the same login credentials that you previously used to access the Family Portal. Parents new to the HCPSS will receive log in information by email early next week, or as soon as your child’s registration is processed. It is very important that you complete the on-line emergency card as soon as possible. This information would be used in the event of an emergency or unscheduled school closing. The HCPSS Connect Family File should be used to provide emergency contact and other information for the current school year.  It is important that you list at least one emergency contact who is not the parent/guardian. Please be sure to complete all sections of the form.

Remember, if this information changes, it is your responsibility to return to the HCPSS Connect and update the information in the Family File section.