Read Across America

Tue, 02/25/2020 - 9:51am
Monday March 2nd- Buddy Reading- Buddy classes will join together to read to one another.
Tuesday March 3rd- Dress as your favorite book character- Students and staff can dress up as a character from a book. 
Wednesday March 4th- Snuggle up and read- Students and staff wear pajamas or comfy clothes and bring their favorite book to read.  
Thursday March 5th-  Create a book cover- If someone were to write a book about you, what would the book cover look like?  Students will have the opportunity to create a book cover for a book someone might write about them.  Book covers will be displayed throughout the building!
Friday March 6th- Read Across Fulton/Read me Day- Students will wear clothing with words on it so we can read their clothing.  We will be taking time to read across Fulton!