Car Loop DIrections

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 10:13pm

Fulton Elementary Car Loop Procedures

Dear Fulton Families,

We have many students who use the Car Loop during arrival and dismissal each day. The car loop begins to stack up early.  We ask that you follow the Car Loop Procedures to ensure the safety of our students and expedite the process.

1.    Please complete the attached yellow form with the first and last name of your child(ren).  Please put this in your car’s right hand dash board so that we know who you will be picking up.

2.    NEVER do a U-turn on the main campus road. Please drive to Lime Kiln Middle School, turning left in to the lower parking lot. Follow the arrows in the parking lot to return to the campus drive and turn right. Proceed to the Fulton car loop line on the right side of the road.

3.    Once in the car loop, please pull all the way up to the car in front of you. By pulling up as far as possible, several cars can drop off or pick up at the same time. All students must exit the vehicle onto the sidewalk.

4.    DO NOT let students out of the car on the campus road.  Safety is our top priority and the campus road is extremely busy during arrival and dismissal. Students MAY be dropped off at the crosswalk near the Reservoir High School Bus loop, PROVIDED there is a staff member to assist the students crossing the road.

5.    DO NOT pass other vehicles in the car loop.  It creates an unsafe situation for students and vehicles.

6.    If your child’s dismissal routine changes (usually a bus rider, but being picked up or usually picked up but taking the bus), be sure to send a note to the teacher stating the change in routine.  If the school is not notified in writing of the change, your child will follow the normal dismissal procedure.

FES Carpool Map